Kimchi strengthens immunity

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I have found rubbing alcohol that is very gentle on the hands and with a citrusy scent reminiscent of Spanish baby cologne.

Labeled Consumer Protect, the 70-percent ethyl alcohol solution, uses the same base as vodka! It is made with the highest beverage grade alcohol from natural “food” ingredients such as sugarcane, molasses, and grains such as corn and wheat.

The product is manufactured by Destileria Limtuaco (DL), the oldest distillery in the Philippines. Its president, Olivia Limpe Aw, said it is DL’s contribution to anti-COVID-19 (new coronavirus disease) efforts. It is also the distillery’s call to action for other producers to help meet the domestic demand for hand sanitizers and other disinfectants.

Like many of DL’s spirits, Consumer Protect comes beautifully packaged—in fancy whiskey and rum bottles. (Available at Mercury Drug Stores.)

Super food

Kimchi does not prevent COVID-19, but strengthens one’s immunity. Being a fermented food, it produces probiotics. It contains vitamins C and B6 (cobalamin), B2 (niacin), B3 (riboflavin). It produces iron and folic acid and is high in fiber. Kimchi is overall a beneficial food loaded with antioxidants. “It has anti-inflammatory properties and may lessen the inflammatory process in the lungs in COVID-19,” said Dr. Jimmy Galvez Tan.

The former health secretary added that for those with diabetes and heart disease, kimchi lowers blood sugar and blood cholesterol, thus lessening the comorbidities that make COVID-19 patients more vulnerable to diseases.

Other benefits of making kimchi a part of your diet are extensively discussed in the “Cooking Dictionary” by Kim Jin, Lee Kwang-il, Woo Hee-seop and Kim Yun-sung.

One reads that kimchi is a good source of dietary fiber. It is also good for stemming constipation. It is known that lactic acid bacteria in kimchi grow and ripen by producing various kinds of acids, which prevent carcinogenic substances from forming and suppressing the growth of intestinal hybrids.

Since kimchi is rich in antioxidants, it suppresses aging and cancer risks. It is low-calorie, so it is good for weight control. Kimchi has peppers which contain capsaicin, which helps speed up metabolism.

As kimchi ages, there’s also an increase in lactobacillus that aids in the cleansing of the intestines.

Kimchi has a unique flavor that combines salt, sweetness, acidity and umami, which helps stimulate appetite.

Korean chef Lily Min shares her easy-to-make Baechu Geotjeori (fresh Chinese cabbage kimchi) recipe from her book, “Easy Korean Food 114” (tel. 0906-5544639).

Baechu Geotjeori
½ head (500 g) Chinese cabbage

3 tsp coarse sea salt

50 g Chinese chives

1 stalk green onion

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